Author Steven Clark Bradley Executive Order – Patriot Acts Part III Unimaginable?

The White House, Washington, D.C.
March 11, 2011 3:42 p.m.

“I am placing the nation under emergency powers effective upon my signing of this document. The powers of the emergency powers will not be enforced until tonight, but the temporary powers of the moment do immediately grant the president the power to appoint anyone to vital vacant seats in the Executive Branch.”

Michelle handed Fisher the document and he placed his signature in the appropriate place. Then, Michelle gave President Harrison a second document. Fisher read it out loud.

“By the powers under the State of National Emergency act of 1977, which grants the president the power to appoint any vital vacant seat and it shall not be automatically removed when emergency rule is lifted, and only shall the president’s appointments be removed by resignation, end of life issues or impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, as prescribed by law and the Constitution of the United States of America.

“Therefore, I hereby appoint Hamilton W. Smith to be Vice President of the United States.” Fisher signed the appointment letter and looked at Hamilton. Fisher thought he looked excited and terrified at the same time.

“Hamilton Smith, would you raise your right hand?” Fisher asked.

Hamilton raised his hand and slightly pulled it down two times before Fisher recited the words and Hamilton repeated them. Secret Service came to the door and Fisher, Michelle and Vice President Hamilton Smith all walked out of the Oval Office and headed to two different escorted cars and headed for two different escorted places. Hamilton’s was in hiding, while Fisher’s destination was for the whole world to see. Fisher leaned over to speak to Hamilton as they walked down the White House hallway. “Hamilton, way back in time, at Iron Mountain prison in Alaska, you remember.” They stood in front of two different limousines and Fisher took his new vice president’s hand and congratulated him. “Well, Hamilton, I just wanted to take back some words from way back then I said in a moment of foolish jesting. “You’re not just a Smith; you are Vice President Smith.”

In Route to Raven Rock Mountain Defense Base
March 11, 2011, 3:52 p.m.

“Approach, I need some assistance. This is Captain Ray Jerrod, the coordinates you have sent us do not work. You are taking us into the wall of the mountain.” Jerrod pulled and banked left. Jerrod was a good pilot, and he knew this was not an error. Such errors don’t just happen.

A mountain wall appeared before the pilot and he heaved the yoke back all the way. He feared a stall as he had aimed the nose almost straight upward. Margaret and Nate were strapped in, but both had passed out from forces that neither this plane nor human bodies were built to withstand.

“Control, this is GB1 taking evasive action maneuvers and …”

“We’re gonna make it.” The pilot screamed out and straightened out the airplane. “Get back there and check on them.” The navigator specialist got out of his seat and opened the cockpit door. He saw the First lady slumped over and her baby had started to cry.

He quickly walked over and called out her name. “Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Harrison are you alright?” Margaret’s began to move and her eyes blinked and finally, she moaned and cried out,

“Where’s my baby?”

Roger, GB1.” The control officer passed his microphone to a tall man with wavy hair in
nicely knitted suit. “He’s all yours Mr. Berkowitz.”

Over Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean
March 11, 2011 3:55 p.m.

“Well, Peter, you are a man of character, whatever that means, but I like you. You’re the other side of me.”

“You lie; I am nothing like you. I breathe air not money and power.” Peter suddenly shouted into Berkowitz’s ear piece, making him wince a bit.

“Well, it lives. I thought you had found Jesus or something and were on your way to paradise. Very well, here goes nothing.”

Berkowitz took a card from his pocket and swiped and his screen came up. He logged onto the same channel the Peter Barlowe used to control his forces. Then he punched in his personal code and a signal was instantly sent to the pilot of the GB1. As the code streamed it found the command to find the micro-circuit lying dormant in the back of the scalp of one Captain Ray Jerrod, the pilot who was now trying to fly the First Lady and her son to safety. The subject was found and it instantly sent the command to obey Berkowitz’s command. It also registered inside the data crunching computers of the NSA and the CIA.!/StevenClarkBradley

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